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HCL we recognise that successful delivery is dependent on meticulous planning and proven procedures; that’s why for every contract we use the same structured working plan. This ensures every member of our team knows what is required to make the project work and that they understand their individual role, responsibility and contribution to achieving a successful, high quality result.

Preparation is key. To this end, we carry out numerous meetings and planning procedures before we start on site. This includes structuring labour requirements, programming, resource scheduling and the production of a Risk Assessment Plan that is audited by our Health & Safety Advisor throughout the works. Once a project starts, weekly updates are received from site to ensure that everything remains on track, that resources are allocated according to demand and that we have a regular control on budget. This level of monitoring is essential to provide the level of honest dialogue we give our clients throughout a project, ensuring they are always up to date with progress and budgets.

We always assign a Contract Manager, Project Manager, Site Manager and Quantity Surveyor for the duration of a project. In fact, to ensure complete continuity for our clients, these individuals will be the ones who participated in the tender process. Our teams comprise experienced professionals who are all effective team players, giving our clients the support they need and organisation needed to provide our distinctive level of service and care. We also strive to give continuity in the workforce itself. We recognise that this is key both for client satisfaction and quality. By working on a project from start to finish our Craftsmen develop a sense of ownership and pride in the task, which promotes a detailed understanding of the project itself and results in greater efficiency and a higher standard of workmanship.